Do you travel?

Why yes, yes I do travel. I am available for travel to just about anywhere but there will be a travelers fee. I am also available for touring with bands and tour packages as well.


How much for a session?

My sessions start at $200.00 and go up from there. My weddings start at $1,200.00 and go from there based on coverage and travel.  I do not stick with one price for every job because some are not as time consuming as others (shooting, set-up, editing, etc.) use my contact form to let me know what you are thinking about doing and we can go from there!


•I want to learn how to take photos, can you teach me?

Of course I can! I would be very happy to. I am available for educational style lectures as well. Use my contact form so that we can talk about options as far as education is concerned.


I was wondering how much for you to shoot my wedding?

Refer to #2 . Each wedding is different. Different times of the year, different locations, etc. Use my contact form to  talk about packages and their pricing.


How do I get my images from you?

I do everything electronically via my site. I have a password protected gallery for every client where they can view copies, download original HIGH RESOLUTION images and purchase prints. This is a great way to review images and choose favorites before they are in their final state.