Lil Indies

So about a year ago I began a new venture of becoming a bartender. I had a handful of people who helped me get to the point of taking guests and creating my own drinks and even some who helped me transition into a new city and a new bar. One of those people was Kaitlin McGavock. She and I met back in May and I had mentioned maybe moving to Orlando, where she was from, and she told me anything I needed she would help me as best as she could. I took her up on this offer and not only did she help but she went out of her way and still continues to go out of her way to help me out and others around me who share a similar interest in the craft.

 She started her own place and named it after her incredible daughter, Indiana. A couple weeks back I had the chance to photograph them in the bar. The world needs more people like this girl, her awesome partner in crime Will (owner of wills pub here in Orlando as well) and amazing daughter. Thanks again for letting me do this and Cheers to you guys. - Blake